KY-009 Color full-color LED SMD modules

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KY009 Color full-color LED SMD modules

Instrumentado Para Protoboard, Arduino, Pic.


SMD RGB LED module consists of a full-color LED made by R, G, B three pin PWM voltage input can be adjusted. Primary colors (red / blue / green) strength in order to achieve full color mixing effect. Control of the module with the Arduino can be achieved Cool lighting effects.



  1. using 5050 full color LED with max current of 20mA
  2. Forward Voltage : Red 1.80V (2.4 max), Green,Blue 2.8V (3.6V)
  3. RGB trichromatic limiting resistor to prevent burnout
  4. through the PWM adjusting three primary colors can be mixed to obtain different colors
  5. with a variety of single-chip interface
  6. Operating voltage: 5V
  7. LED drive mode: common cathode driver
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